Le Vent Gris 1


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The geometric figures of the Lascaux Cave, the "blazons", clearly had everything that would move Caty Pech deeply, starting with their former designation as "unintelligible signs".

Painted over 18 000 years ago, these figures certainly reveal the artists’ concerns with regard to the hues and textures of the checkered squares, obtained by using natural products and a large variety of raw materials, but above all they testifty to an intelligence and a sensitivity reaching out towards writing, geometry, aesthetics...

The discovery of these signs was a moment of wonderment for Caty Pech. How was it possible, in a world without setsquares, rulers and measuring instruments, to conceive of straight lines and right angles, as well as that distinctive checkerboad pattern? Without doubt, as a result of man’s ability and his fundamental need to express, through abstraction, something other than his immediate reality.

The figures have been the object of countless speculations: artist’s palette or signature, some kind of signposting, shamanic symbols... They remain a mystery and the starting point of Caty Pech’s first steps in her Exploration of Closed Worlds.