Personal Journey

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In the compound of her large childhood home with its wild garden, only the sound of the sculptor’s chisel or notes of music would break the silence.

From the very first moment, Caty was plunged into the world of art through her father, the painter and musician, Eugène Pech.

The authors of the books she had as a child were Picasso, Hartung, Bosch, the illuminators of the Middle Ages, cave paintings... She was held spellbound by an intense fascination... which still remains.

Her wide-ranging artistic background includes various courses and programmes (in drawing and painting with Jean Beaubois during her teen years, painting and photography with the GRaPh in the 90s) and attending artists’ workshop (particularly that of the Catalan sculptor José Bonhomme).

From 1971 to 1977, Caty Pech gave up painting and turned to literary studies (Spanish and Latin-American languages and civilisations) at the Paul Valéry University (Montpellier III). The "magical realism" of the great South-American writers - first of all Borges, and also Carpentier, Cortazar, Vargas Llosa, Onetti, and of course, the Garcia Marquez of A Hundred Years of Solitude, as well as a stay in Colombia - were distinctive influences on her vision of the world.

Throughout all her wanderings, painting always remained a constant factor. In 2002, Caty Pech set up her artist’s atelier in Cassaignes (in the Upper Aude Valley) and took on the post of a part-time teacher, which enabled her to move from producing restricted narrative work to a professional engagement in painting that had become increasingly more abstract.

Caty Pech exhibits mainly in her own region and at her gallery, the CHANTIER, in Cassaignes.
Initally acquired to display her father’s work, this site has become, from the moment the project was conceived and developed, a vital hub, dedicated to artistic encounters and the discovery of all forms of art that can be adapted to the place itself. In so doing, Caty reveals her own passionate interest in the creative work of other artists.

< Each spring, together with a team of volunteers, she organises ARTISTES à SUIVRE, an artistic encouter bringing together some fifty selected artists, all from varied artistic backgrounds and disciplines, as representatives of contemporary art.